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Lulu Colpitts

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True Jones



True is our ray of sunshine who has a passion for blonding. She started her journey within the beauty industry back in 2018, joining the Pink Ice team soon after. Her enthusiasm when it comes to learning new techniques and an eye for bright, brilliant blondes makes her a natural talent. Between her friendly demeanor and her skills behind the chair, she will have you looking and feeling fabulous in no time!


Brandi Letki



Brandi became one of our rising star stylists in 2020.  She has been in the hair industry since 2018, but her passion for hair dates back to childhood. From styling dolls to people, she loves creating bright blondes, funky colours, stylish cuts, and so much more. With a huge interest in education she absorbs new techniques and information whenever she can by asking questions and observing others. Her upbeat and energetic personality makes conversations flow and you will never have a dull moment while sitting in her chair.


Kylie Voyageur



Kylie has been in the beauty industry since 2011. She joined our team as a rising star stylist in 2013 and has trained hard to become a great educator and mentor to our rising star stylists. Kylie is our spunky one, this girl may break into song and dance while creating a multicolour mowhawk, then will turn around and do the most immaculate blowout or precise men's cut anyone has ever seen. She is always eager to share fun new ideas and her suggestions with her clients. A couple hours with Kylie will make you feel excited and refreshed about your hair!


Carrie Lange



Carrie has been a stylist at Pink Ice since the salon was first started. Her patient and caring manner gives our rising star stylists the perfect environment to grow and learn.  She is a master at creating beautiful shapes, perfect lines, and the most precise haircuts. You will never find anyone who can rock out a better perm than Carrie, however, don't let her fool you. She has a creative soul and an open mind. You never know what kind of cool style this gal will come up with if you let her play.


Sandra Bent



Salon owner

Sandra has graced the world of hair since the year 2000. She started off her career in a busy downtown salon here in Edmonton, and in 2003 it was time to find a salon to call her forever home. She has an eye for detail and strong technical skills. Her work is always immaculate. She is a color correction magician and is known as the Brazilian waxing queen. Her bubbly warm personality makes her clients feel like they are at home in her chair. Her various travels around the world for hair shows and education has kept her on her toes and helped raise the bar for this education focused team of stylists.  



Our assistants are working their way to becoming stylists.  They have completed our level one in salon training and are competent in all deep conditioning treatments & wash house treatments as well as styling.    



Our Star Students are stylists who are still working their way through their hairstyling program and/or our in salon training program.  These stylists, although new to our industry are competent in all basic color applications, kids haircuts, all deep conditioning & wash house treatments as well as styling.



Rising Star stylists are our stylists who have completed their hairstyling program, as well as our extensive in salon training.  These stylists are well on their way to the top and are always accompanied by our mentor stylists to make sure they are fully equipped to give you excellent service.  If you are searching for an education focused and eager stylist who is on the rise to stardom then these stylists are you peeps.



Star stylists are our stylists who have accumulated a great amount of experience behind the chair (typically 5-10 years experience) and have committed to attending countless continuing education courses.  These stylists are able to help you reach your hair goals and are well on their way to becoming Superstar Stylists. If you are looking for a stylist who can shine like a star while constantly looking to learn and grow, then these are the ones for you.



Superstar stylists are our stylists who have been stars in our industry for several years (typically 10+ years and in some cases even decades).  They've have the opportunity to travel for the most advanced education and leadership training. They are the rockstars responsible for educating our rising star stylists.  With many years working behind the chair, these stylists have extensive knowledge and experience.  If this is what you are searching for, then these are the stylists for you. 

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